Wall Street Journal: Biden ‘lucky’ Republicans ‘can’t get their act together’

The editorial board of The Wall Street Journal is arguing President Biden is benefiting from Republican struggles on messaging and governance, despite his sagging poll numbers.

The Journal, in an editorial published early Wednesday, noted Biden devoted much of his State of the Union address Tuesday evening touting what he says is a long list of legislative and economic achievements.

“But if he’s done so much for America, why does most of America not seem to appreciate it?” the Journal’s editorial asked, before citing a number of public opinion polls showing many Americans are unsatisfied with the direction of the country or the job Biden is doing as president.

“Polls are only snapshots in time, and few voters are focused on the 2024 choices. Mr. Biden could rise if the economy ducks a recession, inflation subsides, and Ukraine pushes Russia out of most or all of its territory,” the newspaper said.

The Journal, owned by billionaire conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch, is a widely read bastion of financial and business news that often features editorials and op-eds from a right-of-center political orientation.

The outlet has notably grown increasingly critical of former President Trump and his allies in recent years, despite large swaths of Republican voters indicating they remain supportive of Trump.

“The President’s governing rhetoric has also been as divisive as Mr. Trump’s,” the Journal wrote. “All of which is to say that there’s ample reason for voters to be skeptical of Mr. Biden’s expansive claims of presidential success. He’s lucky the opposition Republicans can’t get their act together or he’d be in far more trouble.”

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