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Beachgoers Help Massive Stranded Shark Back Into Water at Florida Beach

A group of men successfully helped a mako shark back into the water at a beach in Florida, on September 14, despite the distressed marine predator lashing out.The surreal scene recorded by Tina Fey on Pensacola Beach shows her husband, Josh, and two other men pulling the shark by its caudal fins towards the sea.As the the shark squirms and nearly mauls them, Fey can be heard yelling to her husband, “Babe it’s too dangerous, don’t be doing that!”The group, however, recoups and eventually pulls the shark into the water. The predator can be seen swimming away after a few seconds of recuperation.Fey told Storyful that she and Josh got married on Pensacola Beach a year earlier and had come down once more to celebrate their first anniversary. She said that she was swimming when her husband, “yelled at me to get out of the water,” upon spotting the shark, which swam onto the shore at fast speed and beached itself.“After a few seconds of seeing it struggle to get back in the water, my husband took charge to try to help it … after a few attempts and two others jumping in to help, they managed to get it back into the water”, Fey said. Credit: Tina Fey via Storyful