AltSignals (ASI) price outlook as AI coins spike on bullish crypto market

AltSignals (ASI) price is expected to rise significantly during the presale event, which has coincided with an uptick in sentiment across the crypto market.

Indeed, on 14 March, Artificial Intelligence (AI) coins jumped an average of 16% in 24 hours, with the market cap of the AI segment hitting $1.96 billion. This came after a bullish flip for the broader market saw Bitcoin break above $26,000 and top AI-related coins like SingularityNET (AGIX/USD) and (FET/USD) hit multi-week highs.

This price outlook for AltSignals highlights why ASI could be one AI token to watch in 2023.

Will AltSignals reach $1 in 2023?

As noted above, the AltSignals presale in ongoing, with the ASI token currently valued $0.012. At the end of the first stage of the presale, the price of ASI will increase by 25% to $0.015. According to AltSignals’ timeline, ASI will eventually be available at $0.02274 during the last stage of the early release. In total, the token’s value is expected to increase by 74% through the presale.

If the expected bullish spike for ASI happens, starting in the next quarter, then the price will need to rally 44x to break above $1. While it is possible for the token to reach this level in the next nine months, other factors that might impact price movement could come into play and hinder such gains.

If prices remain bearish, a more realistic prediction would be a decent 10x return to above $0.2 or slightly higher. Prices could then explode in the medium term as a new bull market takes shape.

What is AltSignals and how does it work?

AltSignals launched in 2017, first offering free top trading signals for a growing community that has recently hit over 50,000 subscribers.

In the trading market, AltSignals currently ranks as one of the best products for digital asset bots. Traders get the most advanced signals from technical, fundamental and social sentiment analysis to backtesting, social trading and listing alerts and others.

The platform is now looking to revolutionise its business as it taps into Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to improve the accuracy of its signals for cryptocurrencies, Binance futures and Forex.

According to the AltSignals whitepaper, the AI algorithm expected in coming months is dubbed ActualizeAI and will also benefit traditional stock market and CFD traders. 

ASI is the native token that will power the ActualizeAI ecosystem. There’s a fixed supply of 500 million tokens, with 290 million (58% of supply) released for the presale.

The token is the main unit of account in the ecosystem, with holders using their ASI to access the best trading signals. Users will also earn ASI from trading tournaments as well as from contributing to projects and product development. ASI will also be listed on both CEX and DEX platforms, including Uniswap in Q2, 2023.

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AltSignals price prediction

It is expected the price of AltSignals’ ASI token will rally higher as the presale comes to an end and the tokens are available on the secondary market. The psychological level that bulls may target for later in 2023 is $1. Beyond that, we have $5 and then $10 as targets between 2025 and 2030.

If we compare, tokens like SingularityNET and have returned more than 6,600% and 5,300% respectively since their all-time lows in March 2020. As earlier noted, to reach $1, AltSignals needs to break above key levels like $0.1 and $0.5, (5x to 10x returns) which I think are possible in a bullish 2023-2024.

What factors are thus likely to catalyse a positive market outlook for AltSignals?

First, market experts are predicting further upside momentum for AI-related coins, with coins like ASI tipped to outperform as one of the top investments of 2023. This outlook is further helped by the fact that the AltSignals presale is attracting massive interest from its well-established community and from around crypto. This scenario is likely to fuel even more demand for ASI when the coin goes live in Q2, 2023. 

Another key factor could be the growing demand for predictive models in trading. As such, a revolutionary AltSignals platform powered by ASI token and the upcoming ActualizeAI ecosystem could catapult ASI price higher.

Also, listing on centralised and decentralised exchanges has historically coincided with a major spike in prices for listed tokens and ASI might not be different, particularly given the huge demand already seen with the presale event.