Couple ‘devastated’ after motorhome theft scuppers retirement plans

Couple ‘devastated’ after motorhome bought for retirement dream stolen (Image: Gloria Hammett)

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Couple ‘devastated’ after motorhome bought for retirement dream stolen (Image: Gloria Hammett)

A COUPLE have been left devastated after their motorhome and all their worldly possessions were stolen.

Retirees Gloria and Bob Hammett, 65 and 66, were visiting friends in King Edward Avenue in Southampton when their home was driven away by thieves on Wednesday.

The pair, originally from Sholing, moved to El Saltador in Spain in 2021 to fulfil their dream retirement lifestyle.

And after 18 months of waiting, Gloria and Bob purchased a motorhome worth 400,000 Euros so they could travel freely.

Daily Echo: The stolen motorhome

© Provided by Southern Daily Echo
Daily Echo: The stolen motorhome

The stolen motorhome (Image: Gloria Hammett)

But their retirement plans have now been scuppered, leaving them to stay with friends until their motorhome is returned.

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Gloria said: “At the moment we are too devastated to talk too much about it.

“We can’t even put it into words. We’ve only had it since October.

“Bob and I were visiting to sort our visa, and it’s been very cold so we were offered accommodation by friends in King Edward Avenue.

“We parked it close to where we were staying and locked it up. Because we were so close, we didn’t take much inside with us, only a rucksack of essential things.

“Fortunately, we have our phones and our wallets and we are very lucky we can have friends to stay with.”

The motorhome was not only filled with Gloria and Bob’s possessions but presents for friends too.

However, the pair are mostly concerned about returning to their home in Spain with no travel option.

Daily Echo: Gloria and Bob

© Provided by Southern Daily Echo
Daily Echo: Gloria and Bob

Gloria and Bob (Image: Gloria Hammett)

Gloria said: “We can’t do any of our travel plans now, and coach and car hire prices are ridiculous.

“Now we have to think about how to get back home from the airport in Spain which is hours away.

“We are gutted. If we can get it back that would be fantastic. There are things in there that are irreplaceable.”

Hampshire Constabulary has been contacted for more information.

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