Roger Federer Talks Impact Of His Family On Career Amid Retirement

Roger Federer is reminiscing on his long and successful career amid retirement plans!

Known for dominating the world of tennis as he ranked “World No. 1” for three hundred and ten consecutive weeks, the pro athlete has been in the news after announcing his plan to move on from the game. Federer proves himself the ultimate family man as he lets the world know the massive role his household has played in bringing his spectacular career to great heights. 

Roger Federer Credits Family For Impact On His Career


The Swedish tennis professional might dominate on the court, but at home, he is just a father under the rule of his beautiful kids. As reported by TODAY, the player said he owes his incredible success in his career to becoming a father. 

Federer shares two sets of twins, Myla and Charlene, 13, and Lenny and Leo, 8, with his wife, Mirka. After announcing his retirement recently, he told the publication how becoming a dad changed his mindset about his career. 

The twenty-time Grand Slam winner said, “from being maybe the dominator, I became the challenger. And I liked that role, as well.” Adding that becoming a first-time parent to his twin girls around the time it seemed he was not winning any significant games helped to shift his focus. 

“I remember changing diapers, bathing the girls, and just being a dad,” he said. He noted that a shift in things came after his twin boys were born because it became harder to be on the road every week with four little kids. The 41-year-old then mentioned that from being “the dominator,” he became the “challenger” and enjoyed the role as it made him stay hungry throughout.

The father-of-four emphasized that taking his children on the road with him was incredibly important and non-negotiable and that he would rather retire, and that would mean that he would have retired ten years ago if he was told he could not bring them along.


While leaving the game now would leave fans and followers of the famous sport sad to see him go, even his contemporaries had something to say about his retirement — Serena Williams is one of the notable voices. The Blast shared that the twenty-three-time “Grand Slam” title winner also announced her retirement recently before Federer.  

As her way of welcoming him to the retirement club, the 40-year-old posted a sweet tribute dedicated to her fellow champion in which she called the 41-year-old her inspiration. The series of snaps showed the duo on the court together after their respective games.

The first slide showed the father-of-four holding up a selfie stick to capture both of them, while the next showed the pair cutting a ribbon. The last slide showed the power duo holding each other in a side hug as the crowd cheered them from the stands. The message began with:

“I wanted to find the perfect way to say this, as you so eloquently put this game to rest – perfectly done, just like your career.”

She went on to note that she has always looked up to and admired him, adding that he was an inspiration to many people, including herself. Williams ended the tribute by writing, “I applaud you and look forward to all you do in the future. Welcome to the retirement club. And thank you for being you.”

Serena Williams Gives Details On Legacy Amid Retirement


Fans of the star athlete were left in shock when she announced news of wanting to step away from competing in tennis to settle into family life. The Blast reported that the mother-of-one reflected on her more than twenty-year career and what legacy she planned to leave behind.

Williams impacted the court during her time and her Time Magazine interview; she got candid about what she has done, not only in the world of tennis but in the world of sports in general for women of color in particular.  

The icon shared that “Confidence and Self-belief” and teaching other black kids, black girls, in particular, to believe in themselves were her legacies. Married to tech millionaire and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian she owned her wins without flinching. 

Referencing her sister, fellow tennis champion Venus Williams, she stated that they were instrumental in changing the game of tennis. Adding that people were not used to being a force on the court, either by attacking or taking balls early. Concluding, “People never had to play so hard to beat two Black girls from Compton.”

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