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I am a Carroll County resident and father of two Carroll County Public Schools students. I am also a former U.S. Army captain, combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, lifelong registered Republican, and former PTA president and vice president at Piney Ridge Elementary School in Sykesville. As I write this letter on the 21st anniversary of 9/11, I reflect on my call to duty back in 2001. Many veterans like me answered the call to go overseas and fight extremism. Fast forward to 2022, and I again feel called to defend against extremism right here in Carroll County.

It saddens me that right-wing extremism is infecting the Carroll County Board of Education. Extremism is banning the Pride flag after it has been displayed in county classrooms for over a decade. Extremism is calling parents of LGTBQ+ students pedophiles and groomers and then waving at them at church on Sunday. Extremism is banning books that so happen to revolve around LGTBQ+ and minority issues. Extremism is inviting right-wing political activists into school board meetings to fearmonger the public on Black Lives Matter, Marxism, and child grooming.


I’ve been very active in Carroll County public education for six years now. My military service brought me to settle in Carroll County and, unfortunately, I’ve seen a steady decline in the reputation and quality of education here in Carroll County. If Carroll County residents care about our reputation and want to remain in the top third of Maryland public school systems, then we must come together and reject right-wing extremism. The BMW slate represents everything wrong with this country (”Scanlan outraises Battaglia, Miller, Whisler slate in campaign for Carroll County school board seats,” June 27). They are happy to be supported by parents who have not properly dealt with their emotions coming out of the pandemic and who are looking for a scapegoat to vent their intolerance, ignorance, and sometimes bigotry. That scapegoat is Carroll County Public Schools and the collateral damage will be our children and their future. Members of the slate are also happy to be endorsed by Del. Dan Cox whom everyone knows is not a serious candidate for governor here in the state of Maryland because Marylanders and Carroll County residents do not want extremism on either political side.

I am proud to say I live the Army values even today as a civilian. When I look at the Carroll County Board of Education candidates endorsed by parents and CCPS teachers and staff, I see sincerity, honesty and, above-all else, integrity. I am an Army veteran and Republican. Please join me and other veterans and Republicans in November by voting for the best-qualified candidates to lead Carroll County Board of Education: Patricia Dorsey, Amanda Jozkowski, and Tom Scanlan. The future of Carroll County is here and now. We must make a deliberate choice to vote to keep right-wing extremism out of public education or allow Carroll County to lurch further toward it and jeopardize our children’s future.


— Josh Trpisovsky, Sykesville

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