Invest more in employees, look past the tried and trusted

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Jason Cherrington is chief executive of Accordant, New Zealand’s largest recruitment and resourcing group, and the only staffing provider listed on the NZX (AGL).

OPINION: With the job market so tight, employers are having to look beyond their tried and tested hiring tactics, to consider new and fresh ways to retain their people AND grow their talent pools.

Across the public, commercial and industrial sectors, recruiters are finding organisations working hard to review their benefits packages.

As a result they can now offer more tailored or customisable choices to employees, and improve the attraction of their business to those seeking work.

We are seeing greater investment in the areas of people experience and employee experience, and organisations transforming their physical spaces, especially as the work experience is being reshaped into more flexible options.

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Our clients have been investing into their graduate programmes and ramping up ‘early career’ investment to retain, as well as attract, people new to their sector.

They are exploring different options around the design of roles and teams, looking at sharing workers across departments and organisations.

Whilst it has always been important to some degree to retain your staff, keeping what you already have is essential in this tight job market.

We’ve seen evidence of a rise in cross-border initiatives as well – for example, companies from the same sector located in different parts of the world are forming partnerships to share staff who are planning overseas experiences.


Accordant chief executive Jason Cherrington.

So they’ve gone on their OE, yet are not lost to making a New Zealand contribution.

Within Accordant’s own stable our national provider of industrial staffing services, AWF, worked to apply early for Immigration New Zealand’s newly introduced Accredited Employer Work Visa.

By partnering with their clients to identify forward orders of requirements often months in advance, the team has sourced required skill sets from overseas.

That work will contribute directly to the employment of migrant workers, and help address the gap in New Zealand labour shortages.

In a tight talent market, recruiters are accustomed to seeing a rise in the number of candidates receiving multiple job offers and counter-offers from their current employers. At present, these numbers are at an all-time high.

Recruiters must be highly aware of the need to operate at pace, while also increasing the frequency of their contact throughout the process, in order to manage expectations and motivations.

It requires a higher touch approach to recruitment and using technology.

Organisations who are able to invest in their sourcing, attraction and hiring technologies can make sure their recruiters have more time to focus on building their relationships, networks and connections.

Ensuring you choose the right talent and fit also remains key, despite the temptation of taking anyone at any cost due to scarcity.

It is also vital to understand what is on offer in a job opportunity beyond remuneration, to show potential employees value beyond remuneration. An example of that would be clearly outlining a company’s purpose and its commitment to environmental and social issues.

Issues such as those are often deciding factors for jobseekers, and so are appearing more prevalent in job ads of late.

Through Accordant’s employment social initiative, The Work Collective, our recruiters are helping organisations realise the talent that sits within those who have experienced barriers to entering the labour market, for varying reasons.

It’s a win-win, to my mind; more people experience the reward and dignity of work, the organisation gains access to a broader talent pool, as well as having a social impact on the fabric of New Zealand.