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Right-Wing Assignment Help

The right-wing ideology had its origins during the French Revolution of 1789. However, it did not signify the modern meaning of the term back then. 

When the Legislative Assembly replaced the National Assembly in 1791, people who were strict defenders of the traditional constitution sat in the far right of the assembly. After the Restoration in 1814, the supporters of monarchy took their place on the right. Meanwhile, constitutionals moved up to the centre.

Soon, the term right-wing began to signify the ideologies of those who sat on the right section of the assembly.

What Is Right-Wing?

The right-wing belief centres around believing in social conservatism and economic liberalism. The people who are supporters of this ideology go by the names Conservatives, Nationalists, and Republicans. It had its origins in France during the 18th century, but English-speaking countries did not adopt it until the 20th century.

Going through the history of this ideology, you’ll notice five distinct stages:

  • The reactionary right wanted a restoration of the monarchical powers.
  • The moderate right wished for a limited government due to their distrust of intellectuals.
  • The radical right romanticised extreme and aggressive forms of nationalism.
  • The extreme right contained supporters of anti-immigration and racism.
  • The neo-liberal right wanted to imbibe the economy with traditional right-wing belief in elitism.

There has been a steady shift in the ordinary people towards choosing right-wing leaders to represent them in recent times. Researchers looking into the reason behind this have concluded that the primary reason is fear.

The majority of the right-wing voters are the working class who believe that more skilled immigrants will take away their jobs. There is also a fear of the traditional culture losing its relevance due to mixed cultures from immigrants blending in. 

It is most common to see a relation between low levels of education and a right-wing mindset. However, there are also exceptions where upper and middle classes of highly educated individuals show immense support towards this ideology.

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Right-Wing vs. Left-Wing

The left-wing belief stood in complete opposition to the right-wing ideologies. They believed in freedom, equality, fraternity, progress, reform, and internationalism. Unlike the Conservatives, they did not put faith in the monarchy and supported the French Revolution, where the ordinary people overthrew the French monarchy.

There is a belief that the right-wing exists to serve as an opposition to the left-wing. You can see this in the start differences in their ideologies:

1. Conservative vs. Progressive

The right-wing supporters upheld the traditional views and customs of monarchy and law. They believed that hierarchies are inevitable and desirable for the best functioning of society.

The left-wing supports were more liberal in their thought process. They emphasised the ideas of individual freedom and equality. For example, the social democrats were more in favour of same-sex marriage than their right-wing counterparts.

2. Individual liberty vs. Governmental control

The right-wing Conservatives did not believe in governmental control and supported laissez-faire, which roughly translates to the ‘leave things alone’ approach to the economy. They thought that as long as the government left businesses alone, there would be more innovation and a boost to the economy.

The left-wing supported a more governmental control to ensure equality among all citizens. They believed in more taxation of the rich, welfare schemes for the poor, and governmental regulation of businesses. 

3. The political parties

The right-wing mainly consists of The Conservative Party and the UKIP in the UK, the Republican Party in the US, the Bharatiya Janata Party in India, and the Law and Justice in Poland.

Meanwhile, the left-wing includes The Labour Party and the Green Party in the UK, the Democratic Party in the US, the Communist Party of India, and the Socialist Party in France.

Both of these ideologies are the complete opposite of each other. But it doesn’t mean that a person has to stick to one belief at all times. Many people have a right-wing stance on specific issues but choose a left-wing perspective on others.

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What Does Right-Wing Mean In Politics?

The right-wing believes that society can reach its heights when individual and civil rights are paramount and the government plays a minor role. The political parties support law and tradition, and the characteristics of this belief are:

  • They want official state religion for the entire country
  • They are firm supporters of nationalism
  • They do not want an influx of immigrants to conserve their culture and heritage
  • The government shouldn’t impose regulations on businesses
  • They support capitalism
  • They are for the death penalty
  • The parties also support low taxes

The right-wing ideology can also have categories like the economically right and socially right. People express their support of conservative ideas regarding social issues like religion, abortion, queer acceptance, and economic issues.

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Right-Wing Conspiracy

A widespread acceptance and belief in right-wing conspiracies have led to the rise of right-wing violence and extremism in many parts of the world. Researchers conducted a study on the increased domestic terrorism cases in America and the UK. They concluded that many conservatives are buying into the conspiracy theories quickly without any research on their part.

These far-right extremists are fuelled by fear towards anyone who is not of their ethnicity and colour. The fear towards immigrants after the 9/11 terrorist attacks is still fresh in conservatives’ minds, even in the year 2021. 

The volume of disinformation and conspiracies of the right-wing were astronomical in comparison to their left-wing counterpart. Arie Kruglanski, an eminent professor of the University of Maryland, believes that these right-wing conspiracies can engulf the whole society into war and destruction if there is no check on the matter.

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