ARK invest’s cathie wood predicts genomic stocks outperform tesla? [Video]

Cathie Wood the CEO of ARK Invest, predicts the biggest upside surprises could come from Genomic stocks, especially gene therapy (CRISPR gene editing). Let’s analyze ARKG top 5 holdings PACB, TDOC, TWST, CRSP, CDNA with volume spread analysis and Wyckoff method.

All these stocks are strong momentum stocks, which could be suitable for swing trading. Yet, most of these stocks all in their all time high. You will find out various techniques to spot for best entry for these all time high stocks and one of my favorite entry and price structure. Watch the video below:

[embedded content]


  • 0:20 Cathie Wood interview on Genomic Stocks.

  • 1:55 ARKG (ARK Genomic Revolution ETF).

  • 3:53 PACB (Pacific Biosciences California INC).

  • 8:48 TDOC (Teladoc Health INC).

  • 11:47 TWST (Twist Bioscience Corporation).

  • 13:36 CRSP (CRISPR Therapeutics AG).

  • 15:37 CDNA (CAREDX INC).