Armed Black Lives Matter activists and right-wing groups unite at gun rights rally

Armed Black Lives Matter activists and right-wing groups came together in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday in a united show of support for the 2nd Amendment at an Open Carry rally.

At least 200 people, the majority proudly toting rifles, semi-automatic weapons and other firearms, gathered outside Capitol Square to protest against gun control and the violation of constitutional rights. 

The rally, organized by activist group Virginia Knights, also served as a memorial for Duncan Lemp, a 21-year-old man who was fatally shot in his Maryland home in March during a no-knock police raid. 

United: Armed Black Lives Matter groups and right-wing activists came together at a Richmond rally on Saturday in support of the 2nd Amendment 

Scores of activists, the majority armed with rifles, semi-automatic weapons, and other fire arms gathered near Capitol Square on July 4 

The Open Carry March event was organized by activist group Virginia Knights who vowed to fight against ‘unconstitutional laws’ threatening their right to bear arms 

‘This rally on July Fourth is to show that gun owners will not be trampled on! We are citizens who demand our 2nd Amendment rights be protected by the very people who swore an oath to protect us. Any and all gun laws are an infringement and are unconstitutional!’ the Facebook event read. 

‘Duncan Socrates Lemp was our brother unjustly murdered in his sleep [under] the same laws in Maryland that Governor Northam has signed into law in VA.’

Organizers said they aimed to show Governor Northam ‘that we stand strong as patriots, Americans, and free men and women’. 

Photos showed protesters, from both ends of the political spectrum, mingling as they exercised their right to bear arms.

Among the crowd of guests was Virginia state Senator Amanda Chase, who is running for governor.

The rally drew supporters from both sides of the political spectrum including armed Black Lives Matter activists and right-wing, conservative groups 

The gun enthusiasts gathered to protest against legislation requiring background checks and purchase limits on firearms. Pictured: Protesters proudly exercise their 2nd Amendment right 

Rival groups came together in a united show of support of the 2nd Amendment on Independence Day on Saturday 

Black Lives Matter activists, many donning protective face coverings and masks, raise their fists in the air in support of the cause and gun rights 

Activists group got together on July 4 to protest open carry laws and to honor in Duncan Lemp – a 21-year-old who was fatally shot during a no-knock raid 

Chase, strapped with a rifle, spoke to activists on her stance on police and the ongoing protests taking place across the nation.

‘We don’t have any tolerance for bad apples,’ she said. 

‘We mostly have good police officers that do the right thing. And I don’t believe in defunding the police, but we need to help people who have mental health issues. We need to add more, not take away,’ she added.

The event comes six months after a Virginia gun rights rally that drew more than 22,000 armed activists to the state’s capitol building to protest gun-control legislation making its way through the newly Democratic-controlled state legislature.

The protest came after Governor Northam banned carrying weapons onto the capitol grounds.

Virginia Senator Amanda Chase, who is running for Governor as a Republican, was the keynote guest at the rally. She is pictured arriving with her gun