State Debate: Right-wing bloggers upset with kneeling, protest response, proposals to curb police

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Donald Trump is operating above the law, says Political Environment blogger James Rowen, and Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson is helping with that. He cites Johnson’s pre-determined decision that Trump wasn’t guilty of the impeachment charges and now is defending him for dispersing peaceful protesters.

Madison’s rightie blogger David Blaska is upset that “America is taking a knee” for what he terms the occasional bad apples among law enforcement officers nationwide. Abject debasement and self flaggelation are good politics in progressive Madison, he snears.

He’s joined by Dan O’Donnell, the Milwaukee right-wing talk show host who posts on the MacIver Institute website that Wisconsin’s leaders seem altogether too comfortable with rioting in the state. He goes on to chide Gov. Tony Evers for backing a bill that would “radically” limit the use of force by police.

Another right-wing voice, M.D. Kittle on Empower Wisconsin slams Evers for “pandering while Wisconsin burns” by backing the police force bill. He goes to criticize the governor for mourning the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis but saying nothing about police officers who have been killed or injured in the protests.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features a column by Reggie Jackson, local historian and columnist for the Milwaukee Independent, who underscores the history of black oppression both in Milwaukee and the nation and why the unrest we’re witnessing today is a result of that, not just the murder of George Floyd.

Democurmudgeon blogger John Peterson posts two Strassburg cartoons characterizing Donald Trump answering questions on the golf course and then tweeting out several conspiracy theories like his Joe Scarborough murder accusation. 

Noting that a service patrol officer was killed last week when he stopped along I-94 with his flashers on to remove debris from the highway, the Racine Journal Times urges drivers to slow down and give highway workers some breathing room.