Donald Trump Sparks Health Worries After ‘Sick-Looking’ Photos Surface; POTUS Suffering From Dementia?


  • Donald Trump once again sparked health concerns after his new photo was released online
  • The POTUS looked sick, frail, and old in his new photo 
  • Donald Trump allegedly has dementia

There have been so many speculations regarding Donald Trump’s health. And rumors became even rifer after he was rushed to the hospital last year.

Even though his staff revealed that the POTUS went to the hospital for his annual physical exam, some netizens are convinced that there’s more to the story than what they have been saying.

This week, Melania Trump’s husband dined at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC with California Representative Kevin McCarthy, Representative Jim Jordan, Representative Mark Meadows, Senator David Perdue, and social media director Dan Scavino.

McCarthy uploaded their group photo on Instagram, and some netizens immediately noticed how tired and aged Trump looks. Unlike the other men in the snap who are smiling from ear to ear, the POTUS’s looks a little stern.

The president’s eyebrows are also raised, and his face looks a bit stiff. Some netizens couldn’t help but speculate that something must have been wrong with the POTUS when the snap was taken.

“How are you feeling, Grandpa?” Twitter user @Rschooley wrote.

“Man, his face looks like some sort of evil demon spirit that can’t be photographed,” Twitter user @Al_Bamal65South said.

“Is this a bad picture or is his face actually melting?” Twitter user @twitbvpen said.

“Why does he look so shriveled? Smaller than Gym ‘yes I knew about it’ Jordan who isn’t a big guy,” Twitter user @eripley999 said.

“Sweet! They pulled pops out of the nursing home for lunch at Denny’s,” Twitter user @ShimerRich said.

Other netizens couldn’t help but wonder if Trump wasn’t feeling well when he went out with his group of friends.

“Was someone there to cut his steak? I don’t see him having the fine motor skills to do it himself. There must have a video of him eating,” Twitter user @wichitateacher said.

“He looks like an old man with dementia they pulled out of the home for a dinner out,” Twitter user @CaliGamer said.

The POTUS has been rumored to be suffering from dementia for months. Joe Scarborough, who has known Trump for years, previously claimed that all of the POTUS’s staff knows that their boss has early signs of dementia.

However, Trump’s physician hasn’t confirmed this diagnosis.

Donald Trump stands accused of interfering with the sentencing recommendation for his former advisor, Roger Stone — prompting four Justice Department prosecutors to resign from the case Photo: AFP / JIM WATSON