Andrew McCabe: Trump Has ‘Maniacal Rage’ for Me

Hours after news broke Friday that the Justice Department would not pursue charges against him, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said he still expects to be a target of President Trump’s “maniacal rage.” “As long as this President is in the White House and these sorts of narratives are powerful to him, this will go on,” McCabe told CNN. “I don’t think I’ll ever be free of this President and his maniacal rage that he’s directed towards me and my wife since October of 2016 for absolutely no reason whatsoever,” he said. McCabe, whom Trump has frequently accused of being a member of the “deep state” plotting against him, was accused by the Justice Department’s top watchdog in 2018 of “lacking candor” when answering questions about leaks to the media. While the Inspector General forwarded the matter to prosecutors at the time, the Justice Department finally announced this week that McCabe would not face any charges over the matter. The news broke following reports that Trump had privately fumed about the lack of charges against McCabe. “I’m not disappointed that the President is angry today about this outcome,” McCabe said Friday.